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0 0.5 1 1.5 2+ Mortality 16% Improvement Relative Risk HCQ for COVID-19  Roig et al.  LATE TREATMENT Is late treatment with HCQ beneficial for COVID-19? Retrospective 79 patients in Spain No significant difference in mortality Roig et al., Revista Espanola de Quimi.., Jan 2021 Favors HCQ Favors control

Clinical and pharmacological data in COVID-19 hospitalized nonagenarian patients

Roig et al., Revista Espanola de Quimioterapia, doi:10.37201/req/130.2020
Jan 2021  
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Retrospective 79 hospitalized nonagenarian patients showing unadjusted HCQ mortality RR 0.84, p = 0.76.
Although the 16% lower mortality is not statistically significant, it is consistent with the significant 25% lower mortality [20‑29%] from meta analysis of the 247 mortality results to date.
This study is excluded in the after exclusion results of meta analysis: unadjusted results with no group details.
risk of death, 15.6% lower, RR 0.84, p = 0.76, treatment 33 of 67 (49.3%), control 7 of 12 (58.3%), NNT 11.
Effect extraction follows pre-specified rules prioritizing more serious outcomes. Submit updates
Roig et al., 31 Jan 2021, retrospective, Spain, peer-reviewed, 6 authors.
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Clinical and pharmacological data in COVID-19 hospitalized nonagenarian patients
Sara Ortonobes Roig, Nuria Soler-Blanco, Isabel Torrente Jiménez, Eva Van Den Eynde Otero, Marc Moreno-Ariño, Mònica Gómez-Valent
Revista Española de Quimioterapia, doi:10.37201/req/130.2020
Introduction. Despite the impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection in geriatrics, data on nonagenarian patients is scarce. The aim of this study is to describe the clinical features of COVID-19-diagnosed nonagenarians, as well as its clinical evolution and therapeutic response. Material and methods. Retrospective observational study of nonagenarians, admitted for COVID-19. Sociodemographic and clinical variables were registered, including previous polypharmacy. Blood analysis data and COVID-19-specific treatment were registered. Results. A total of 79 patients were included, with 50.6% (40 patients) of mortality. None of the comorbidities registered correlated with mortality, which was significantly higher among patients with moderate/complete functional dependence, compared to those mild-dependents/independents (59.5% vs 40.5%; p=0.015). Most prescribed drugs were hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine and azithromycin. Non-survivors presented higher counts of leukocytes and neutrophils, and higher lymphopenia. Conclusions. Nonagenarians with functional dependence presented higher mortality, irrespective of comorbidities or treatment received. Implementing an integral geriatric evaluation would enhance the implementation of personalized therapeutic strategies for nonagenarians.
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