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0 0.5 1 1.5 2+ Mortality -134% Improvement Relative Risk HCQ for COVID-19  Kuderer et al.  LATE TREATMENT Is late treatment with HCQ beneficial for COVID-19? Retrospective 928 patients in the USA Higher mortality with HCQ (p=0.0000014) Kuderer et al., Lancet, June 20, 2020, May 2020 Favors HCQ Favors control

Clinical impact of COVID-19 on patients with cancer (CCC19): a cohort study

Kuderer et al., Lancet, June 20, 2020, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(20)31187-9 (date from preprint)
May 2020  
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HCQ for COVID-19
1st treatment shown to reduce risk in March 2020
*, now known with p < 0.00000000001 from 422 studies, recognized in 42 countries.
No treatment is 100% effective. Protocols combine complementary and synergistic treatments. * >10% efficacy in meta analysis with ≥3 clinical studies.
4,100+ studies for 60+ treatments.
Retrospective 928 cancer patients, showing HCQ OR 1.06 [0.51-2.20]. HCQ+AZ OR 2.93 [1.79-4.79]. The relative risks of different therapies suggest that the results are overly affected by confounding by indication. Authors note: HCQ+AZ might not be the cause of increased mortality, but instead these were given to patients with more severe COVID-19.
This study is excluded in the after exclusion results of meta analysis: substantial unadjusted confounding by indication likely.
risk of death, 134.2% higher, RR 2.34, p < 0.001, treatment 45 of 181 (24.9%), control 76 of 747 (10.2%), odds ratio converted to relative risk, HCQ+AZ.
Effect extraction follows pre-specified rules prioritizing more serious outcomes. Submit updates
Kuderer et al., 28 May 2020, retrospective, USA, peer-reviewed, 73 authors.
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{ 'DOI': '10.1016/s0140-6736(20)31187-9', 'ISSN': ['0140-6736'], 'URL': '', 'alternative-id': ['S0140673620311879'], 'assertion': [ {'label': 'This article is maintained by', 'name': 'publisher', 'value': 'Elsevier'}, { 'label': 'Article Title', 'name': 'articletitle', 'value': 'Clinical impact of COVID-19 on patients with cancer (CCC19): a cohort study'}, {'label': 'Journal Title', 'name': 'journaltitle', 'value': 'The Lancet'}, { 'label': 'CrossRef DOI link to publisher maintained version', 'name': 'articlelink', 'value': ''}, { 'label': 'CrossRef DOI link to the associated document', 'name': 'associatedlink', 'value': ''}, { 'label': 'CrossRef DOI link to the associated document', 'name': 'associatedlink', 'value': ''}, {'label': 'Content Type', 'name': 'content_type', 'value': 'article'}, { 'label': 'Copyright', 'name': 'copyright', 'value': '© 2020 Elsevier Ltd. 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'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Angevine', 'given': 'Anne H.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Azad', 'given': 'Nilo', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Bar', 'given': 'Michael H.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Bardia', 'given': 'Aditya', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Barnholtz-Sloan', 'given': 'Jill', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Barrow', 'given': 'Briana', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Bashir', 'given': 'Babar', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Belenkaya', 'given': 'Rimma', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Berg', 'given': 'Stephanie', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Bernicker', 'given': 'Eric H.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Bestvina', 'given': 'Christine', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 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'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Chism', 'given': 'David', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Cook', 'given': 'Erin', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Curran', 'given': 'Catherine', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Daher', 'given': 'Ahmad', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Dailey', 'given': 'Mark', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Dahiya', 'given': 'Saurabh', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Deeken', 'given': 'John', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Demetri', 'given': 'George D.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'DiLullo', 'given': 'Sandy', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Duma', 'given': 'Narjust', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Elias', 'given': 'Rawad', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Faller', 'given': 'Bryan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Fecher', 'given': 'Leslie A.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Feldman', 'given': 'Lawrence E.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Friese', 'given': 'Christopher R.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Fu', 'given': 'Paul', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Fu', 'given': 'Julie', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Futreal', 'given': 'Andy', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Gainor', 'given': 'Justin', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Garcia', 'given': 'Jorge', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Gill', 'given': 'David M.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Gillaspie', 'given': 'Erin A.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Giordano', 'given': 'Antonio', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Glace', 'given': '(Mary) Grace', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Grothey', 'given': 'Axel', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Gulati', 'given': 'Shuchi', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Gurley', 'given': 'Michael', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Halmos', 'given': 'Balazs', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Herbst', 'given': 'Roy', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Hershman', 'given': 'Dawn', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Hoskins', 'given': 'Kent', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Jain', 'given': 'Rohit K.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Jabbour', 'given': 'Salma', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Jha', 'given': 'Alokkumar', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Johnson', 'given': 'Douglas B.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Joshi', 'given': 'Monika', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Kelleher', 'given': 'Kaitlin', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Kharofa', 'given': 'Jordan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Khan', 'given': 'Hina', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Knoble', 'given': 'Jeanna', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Koshkin', 'given': 'Vadim S.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Kulkarni', 'given': 'Amit A.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Lammers', 'given': 'Philip E.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, { 'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Leighton', 'given': 'John C.', 'sequence': 'additional', 'suffix': 'Jr'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Lewis', 'given': 'Mark A.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Li', 'given': 'Xuanyi', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Li', 'given': 'Ang', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Lo', 'given': 'K.M. Steve', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Loaiza-Bonilla', 'given': 'Arturo', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'LoRusso', 'given': 'Patricia', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Low', 'given': 'Clarke A.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Lustberg', 'given': 'Maryam B.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Mahadevan', 'given': 'Daruka', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Mansoor', 'given': 'Abdul-Hai', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Marcum', 'given': 'Michelle', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Markham', 'given': 'Merry Jennifer', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Handy Marshall', 'given': 'Catherine', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Mashru', 'given': 'Sandeep H.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Matar', 'given': 'Sara', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'McNair', 'given': 'Christopher', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'McWeeney', 'given': 'Shannon', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Mehnert', 'given': 'Janice M.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Menendez', 'given': 'Alvaro', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Menon', 'given': 'Harry', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Messmer', 'given': 'Marcus', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Monahan', 'given': 'Ryan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Mushtaq', 'given': 'Sarah', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Nagaraj', 'given': 'Gayathri', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Nagle', 'given': 'Sarah', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Naidoo', 'given': 'Jarushka', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Nakayama', 'given': 'John M.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Narayan', 'given': 'Vikram', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Nelson', 'given': 'Heather H.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Nemecek', 'given': 'Eneida R.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Nguyen', 'given': 'Ryan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Nuzzo', 'given': 'Pier Vitale', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Oberstein', 'given': 'Paul E.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Olszewski', 'given': 'Adam J.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Owenby', 'given': 'Susie', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Pasquinelli', 'given': 'Mary M.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Philip', 'given': 'John', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Prabhakaran', 'given': 'Sabitha', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Puc', 'given': 'Matthew', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Ramirez', 'given': 'Amelie', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Rathmann', 'given': 'Joerg', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Revankar', 'given': 'Sanjay G.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Rho', 'given': 'Young Soo', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Rhodes', 'given': 'Terence D.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Rice', 'given': 'Robert L.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Riely', 'given': 'Gregory J.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Riess', 'given': 'Jonathan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Rink', 'given': 'Cameron', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Robilotti', 'given': 'Elizabeth V.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Rosenstein', 'given': 'Lori', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Routy', 'given': 'Bertrand', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Rovito', 'given': 'Marc A.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Saif', 'given': 'M. Wasif', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Sanyal', 'given': 'Amit', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Schapira', 'given': 'Lidia', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Schwartz', 'given': 'Candice', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Serrano', 'given': 'Oscar', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Shah', 'given': 'Mansi', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Shah', 'given': 'Chintan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Shaw', 'given': 'Grace', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Shergill', 'given': 'Ardaman', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Shouse', 'given': 'Geoffrey', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Soares', 'given': 'Heloisa P.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Solorzano', 'given': 'Carmen C.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Srivastava', 'given': 'Pramod K.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Stauffer', 'given': 'Karen', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Stover', 'given': 'Daniel G.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Stratton', 'given': 'Jamie', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Stratton', 'given': 'Catherine', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Subbiah', 'given': 'Vivek', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Tamimi', 'given': 'Rulla', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Tannir', 'given': 'Nizar M.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Topaloglu', 'given': 'Umit', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Van Allen', 'given': 'Eli', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Van Loon', 'given': 'Susan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Vega-Luna', 'given': 'Karen', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Venepalli', 'given': 'Neeta', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Verma', 'given': 'Amit K.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Vikas', 'given': 'Praveen', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Wall', 'given': 'Sarah', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Weinstein', 'given': 'Paul L.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Weiss', 'given': 'Matthias', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Wise-Draper', 'given': 'Trisha', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Wood', 'given': 'William A.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Xu', 'given': 'Wenxin (Vincent)', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Yackzan', 'given': 'Susan', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Zacks', 'given': 'Rosemary', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Zhang', 'given': 'Tian', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'Zimmer', 'given': 'Andrea J.', 'sequence': 'additional'}, {'affiliation': [], 'family': 'West', 'given': 'Jack', 'sequence': 'additional'}], 'container-title': 'The Lancet', 'container-title-short': 'The Lancet', 'content-domain': { 'crossmark-restriction': True, 'domain': [ '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '']}, 'created': {'date-parts': [[2020, 5, 28]], 'date-time': '2020-05-28T21:32:41Z', 'timestamp': 1590701561000}, 'deposited': { 'date-parts': [[2020, 9, 10]], 'date-time': '2020-09-10T04:09:58Z', 'timestamp': 1599710998000}, 'indexed': {'date-parts': [[2024, 4, 7]], 'date-time': '2024-04-07T23:14:41Z', 'timestamp': 1712531681643}, 'is-referenced-by-count': 1255, 'issue': '10241', 'issued': {'date-parts': [[2020, 6]]}, 'journal-issue': {'issue': '10241', 'published-print': {'date-parts': [[2020, 6]]}}, 'language': 'en', 'license': [ { 'URL': 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Late treatment
is less effective
Please send us corrections, updates, or comments. c19early involves the extraction of 100,000+ datapoints from thousands of papers. Community updates help ensure high accuracy. Treatments and other interventions are complementary. All practical, effective, and safe means should be used based on risk/benefit analysis. No treatment or intervention is 100% available and effective for all current and future variants. We do not provide medical advice. Before taking any medication, consult a qualified physician who can provide personalized advice and details of risks and benefits based on your medical history and situation. FLCCC and WCH provide treatment protocols.
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