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SARS-CoV-2 infection in 898 patients with Sjögren’s syndrome: characteristics associated with poor outcomes
Flores-Chavez et al., Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, doi:10.55563/clinexprheumatol/pt3syo
Flores-Chavez et al., SARS-CoV-2 infection in 898 patients with Sjögren’s syndrome: characteristics associated with poor outcomes, Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, doi:10.55563/clinexprheumatol/pt3syo
Sep 2022   Source   PDF  
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Retrospective 898 patients with Sjögren’s disease, showing a lower risk of worse outcomes with HCQ compared to corticosteroids, immunosuppressive agents, and B-cell depleting agents.
Flores-Chavez et al., 1 Sep 2022, Double Blind Randomized Controlled Trial, placebo-controlled, Italy, peer-reviewed, survey, mean age 56.0, 1 author.
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Abstract: Congress Chairperson Salvatore De Vita Clinic of Rheumatology, ASUFC, University of Udine, Italy Young Co-Chairpersons Chiara Baldini, Pisa, Italy Luca Quartuccio, Udine, Italy Scientific Committee A. Baer, USA C. Baldini, Italy E. Bartoloni Bocci, Italy S. Bombardieri, Italy M. Bombardieri, UK H. Bootsma, The Netherlands S.J. Bowman, UK L.A. Criswell, USA S. De Vita, Italy T. Dörner, Germany C. Fabro, Italy R.I. Fox, USA V. Manfrè, Italy X. Mariette, France J.O. Pers, France L. Quartuccio, Italy M. Ramos Casals, Spain E. Treppo, Italy A.G.Tzioufas, Greece A. Zabotti, Italy Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology 2022 Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology 2021 Local Organising Committee L. Quartuccio, Italy A. Zabotti, Italy E. Treppo, Italy V. Manfrè, Italy C. Fabro, Italy E. Bartoloni Bocci, Italy F. Conti, Italy R. Gerli, Italy R. Priori, Italy G. Valesini, Italy C. Vitali, Italy Working Team S. De Vita, Italy S. Bombardieri, Italy A.G. Tzioufas, Greece H. Bootsma, The Netherlands C. Baldini, Italy E. Bartoloni Bocci, Italy M. Bombardieri, UK M. Ramos Casals, Spain T. Dörner, Germany and consultants: A. Baer, USA S.J. Bowman, UK L.A. Criswell, USA R.I. Fox, USA X. Mariette, France J.O. Pers, France International Advisory Board Past Presidents International Committee J.M. Anaya, Colombia E.K. Akpek, USA M. Bombardieri, UK H. Bootsma, The Netherlands S.J. Bowman, UK S. Carsons, USA L.A. Criswell, USA C.S. De Paiva, USA T. Dörner, Germany B.A. Fisher, UK A. Goules, Greece J.E. Gottenberg, France S.K. Kwok, Korea L. Lu, China X. Mariette, France T. Mandl, Sweden C. Mavragani, Greece W.F. Ng, UK R. Omdal, Norway H. Park, Korea S.C. Plugfelder, USA M. Ramos Casals, Spain S. Retamozo, Spain L. Ronblom, Sweden A. Rosen, USA H.A. Saraux, France H. Scofield, USA S.C. Shiboski, USA M. Tomsic, Slovenja J. Van Roon, The Netherlands A. Vissink, The Netherlands F.B. Vivino, USA M. Wahren-Herlenius, Sweden A. Baer, USA S. Bombardieri, Italy P. Fox, USA R. Jonsson, Norway H.M. Moutsopoulos, Greece A. Parke, USA J.O. Pers, France T. Sumida, Japan A.G. Tzioufas, Greece P. Youinou, France Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology 2021 15th International Symposium on Sjögren’s Syndrome Table of Contents EXPLORATION OF THE CELLULAR MICROENVIRONMENT IN MINOR SALIVARY GLANDS OF PATIENTS WITH PRIMARY SJÖGREN´S SYNDROME BY IMAGING MASS CYTOMETRY Page 10 CCL5 RELEASE BY CCR9+ CD8 T CELLS: A POTENTIAL NOVEL CONTRIBUTOR TO IMMUNOPATHOLOGY OF PRIMARY SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME 10 B CELL GLYCOSYLATION IN PRIMARY SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME: A NEW POTENTIAL BIOMARKER 10 PROPROTEIN CONVERTASE SUBTILISIN/KEXIN TYPE 9 IN A COHORT OF PRIMARY SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME PATIENTS: A NOVEL MARKER OF DISEASE ACTIVITY? 11 DECIPHERING THE ROLE OF CDC2S IN SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME: TRANSCRIPTOMIC PROFILE LINKS ALTERED ANTIGEN PROCESSES WITH IFN-SIGNATURE AND AUTOIMMUNITY 11 SINGLE CELL RNA SEQUENCING POINTS TO A ROLE FOR FIBROBLASTS EARLY IN SALIVARY GLAND DYSFUNCTION IN PRIMARY SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME 11 ABNORMALITIES OF EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX MODELING GENE EXPRESSION IN SALIVARY GLAND EPITHELIAL CELLS OF PATIENTS WITH SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME 12 LONG NON-CODING RNA HCP5 IS A KEY REGULATOR OF CDC2S FUNCTION: IMPLICATIONS FOR SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME 12 DEFECTIVE LOCALIZATION AND INTERACTION OF AQUAPORIN-5 INTERACTING PROTEIN PARTNERS IN SALIVARY GLANDS FROM PATIENTS WITH PRIMARY SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME 13 EXPLORATORY IMMUNOPHENOTYPE OF THE RARE DISEASE JUVENILE SJÖGREN’S SYNDROME REVEALS..
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