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Efficacy of favipiravir in COVID-19 treatment: a multi-center randomized study

Dabbous et al., Archives of Virology, doi:10.1007/s00705-021-04956-9
Jan 2021  
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This study was retracted.
This study includes HCQ and favipiravir.
Dabbous et al., 25 Jan 2021, peer-reviewed, 10 authors.
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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Efficacy of favipiravir in COVID-19 treatment: a multi-center randomized study
Hany M Dabbous, Sherief Abd-Elsalam, Manal H El-Sayed, Ahmed F Sherief, Fatma F S Ebeid, Mohamed Samir Abd El Ghafar, Shaimaa Soliman, Mohamed Elbahnasawy, Rehab Badawi, Mohamed Awad Tageldin
Archives of Virology, doi:10.1007/s00705-021-04956-9
No specific antiviral drugs have been approved for the treatment of COVID-19. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of favipiravir in treatment of COVID-19. This was a multicenter randomized controlled study including 96 patients with COVID-19 who were randomly assigned into a chloroquine (CQ) group and a favipiravir group. None of the patients in the favipiravir group needed mechanical ventilation (p = 0.129). One patient (2.3%) in the favipiravir group and two patients (4.2%) in the CQ group died (p = 1.00). Favipiravir is a promising drug for COVID-19 that decreases the hospital stay and the need for mechanical ventilation. Identifier NCT04351295.
Compliance with ethical standards
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