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Optimizing the Use of Hydroxychloroquine in the Management of COVID-19 Given Its Pharmacological Profile

Ali et al., Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, doi:10.9734/jpri/2020/v32i830468
May 2021  
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HCQ for COVID-19
1st treatment shown to reduce risk in March 2020
*, now with p < 0.00000000001 from 411 studies, recognized in 46 countries.
No treatment is 100% effective. Protocols combine treatments. * >10% efficacy, ≥3 studies.
4,300+ studies for 75 treatments.
Review of the mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics and toxicity of HCQ, recommending use as early as possible with a loading dose in 3-4 divided doses to minimize toxicity, and daily maintenance divided into two doses, continued until remission.
Ali et al., 29 May 2021, peer-reviewed, 8 authors.
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Optimizing the Use of Hydroxychloroquine in the Management of COVID-19 Given Its Pharmacological Profile
Ahmed S Ali, Mahran S Abdel-Rahman, Riyadh S Almalikil, Abir S Mohamed, Khalid A Alfaifi, Abdelbabgi El. Fadil, Nagla A El-Shitany, Huda M Alkreathy
Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, doi:10.9734/jpri/2020/v32i830468
Author RSA early joined the team to organize communication between researchers. He prepares the introduction. Author ASA assumed full supervision of the research with the assistance of all colleagues author MSAR prepared the side effects of the drug he also reviewed all that colleagues author ASM reviewed all clinical issues related to COVID 19 patients and their management she described in details cardiac toxicity of HCQ. Author AEF revised all sections related to the novel virus description and epidemiology. Author KAA collected and reviewed the pharmacokinetics of HCQ and its integration with the efficacy and safety issues. Author NAES participated actively in explaining the mechanism of HCQ. She also provided the summary and conclusion. Author HMA provided huge effort to edit the review, in a professional way regarding all aspects, language, reference and connoting ideas etc.
COMPETING INTERESTS Authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Mhlwatika
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{ 'indexed': {'date-parts': [[2024, 3, 11]], 'date-time': '2024-03-11T23:35:30Z', 'timestamp': 1710200130255}, 'reference-count': 0, 'publisher': 'Sciencedomain International', 'content-domain': {'domain': [], 'crossmark-restriction': False}, 'abstract': '<jats:p>After the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, its rapid spread and many victims, ' 'it is necessary to find an effective vaccine or drugs to overcome it. Most specialists ' 'consider that repositioning some medications is the best, fastest and most reliable option ' 'for treating patients with the new coronavirus without delay. One of these drugs was an old ' 'antimalarial drug, hydroxychloroquine. The current review aimed to explore its potential ' 'mechanism, as well as its pharmacokinetics and toxicity, in an attempt to suggest a treatment ' 'protocol for its use in treating the COVID-19 virus effectively and safely. This study ' 'reviewed the published references on the popular search engines as well as the reference ' 'books regarding the pharmacological effects of HCQ. The results of this study suggested the ' 'following practical guidelines to optimize HCQ efficacy and safety in the management of ' 'COVID-19. HQC should be used as early as possible, i.e., once the viral infection is ' 'confirmed or suspected. A loading dose is recommended to be given in 3-4 divided doses to ' 'minimize cardiac toxicity. Maintenance daily dose (divided into two doses), should be ' 'continued until complete remission. Precautions, drug-interaction, contraindications, ' 'variable metabolic pathways in the particular population should be considered. This study ' 'suggests more clinical trials regarding the use of HCQ in the management of early identified ' 'COVID-19 patients under close medical observation to minimize HCQ cardiac toxicity.\xa0\xa0' '</jats:p>', 'DOI': '10.9734/jpri/2020/v32i830468', 'type': 'journal-article', 'created': {'date-parts': [[2020, 6, 2]], 'date-time': '2020-06-02T01:19:05Z', 'timestamp': 1591060745000}, 'page': '29-43', 'source': 'Crossref', 'is-referenced-by-count': 7, 'title': 'Optimizing the Use of Hydroxychloroquine in the Management of COVID-19 Given Its ' 'Pharmacological Profile', 'prefix': '10.9734', 'author': [ {'given': 'Ahmed S.', 'family': 'Ali', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}, {'given': 'Mahran S.', 'family': 'Abdel-Rahman', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}, {'given': 'Riyadh S.', 'family': 'Almalikil', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}, {'given': 'Abir S.', 'family': 'Mohamed', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}, {'given': 'Khalid A.', 'family': 'Alfaifi', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}, {'given': 'Abdelbabgi El.', 'family': 'Fadil', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}, {'given': 'Nagla A.', 'family': 'El-Shitany', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}, {'given': 'Huda M.', 'family': 'Alkreathy', 'sequence': 'first', 'affiliation': []}], 'member': '4694', 'published-online': {'date-parts': [[2020, 5, 29]]}, 'container-title': 'Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International', 'original-title': [], 'link': [ { 'URL': '', 'content-type': 'application/pdf', 'content-version': 'vor', 'intended-application': 'text-mining'}, { 'URL': '', 'content-type': 'unspecified', 'content-version': 'vor', 'intended-application': 'text-mining'}, { 'URL': '', 'content-type': 'unspecified', 'content-version': 'vor', 'intended-application': 'similarity-checking'}], 'deposited': { 'date-parts': [[2022, 10, 6]], 'date-time': '2022-10-06T11:42:51Z', 'timestamp': 1665056571000}, 'score': 1, 'resource': {'primary': {'URL': ''}}, 'subtitle': [], 'short-title': [], 'issued': {'date-parts': [[2020, 5, 29]]}, 'references-count': 0, 'URL': '', 'relation': {}, 'ISSN': ['2456-9119'], 'subject': [], 'container-title-short': 'JPRI', 'published': {'date-parts': [[2020, 5, 29]]}}
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